October Wrap-Up and November Goals

So we now have two months left of 2020 and that seems absolutely absurd, but the sooner this godforsaken year is over, the better. I am very upset that Halloween wasn’t a “real” Halloween, but we do what we have to right now and public health is more important than holidays. Anyway, I am currently a ball of stress about school (I have approximately 4 weeks of class left and I feel like I am wildly unprepared for finals, plus I’m currently working on a couple of them), and then there’s the election in two days that I just don’t want to even think about (US folx, PLEASE go vote if you haven’t already, I am literally begging. Vote411 has ballot guides and 866OurVote has amazing resources, including voter protection hotlines if you need help, plus I am more than happy to connect you with any individualized info if you need it! Just send me an email or DM, and I’ll do what I can!)

But for now, let’s talk about books and things.

It was a very abbreviated reading month for me, but the fact that I managed to read at all is pretty miraculous. I didn’t even read a full book, but I did get to finish one that I started in Septemer:

But, again, reading anything last month was going to be a win. I also picked up and made some progress on The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, so maybe I’ve beat back my slump a little? We’ll see.

You may remember wayyyy back in June that I ordered books as part of the Blackout the Bestsellers campaign, but some of the books were backordered. Well, I finally got them! It was a much longer wait than I had anticipated, but given how little reading I’ve been doing, it doesn’t really matter. So while I didn’t technically buy any books since they were paid for back in June, I did acquire the following:

Only a couple of things to put here! I started Emily in Paris as something to watch while I eat dinner when I need a real distraction. I think it’s kind of fun, but I don’t know if I love it. My only incentive for watching it at this point is Ashley Park because I think she’s amazing. I haven’t watched any more of Locke and Key even though I think I literally have 2 episodes left, but I just haven’t felt like watching it.

I also watched Ben Platt’s Live from Radio City Music Hall, which is on Netflix and was absolutely AMAZING. I was so close to seeing him on this tour but the timing was just bad enough that I didn’t get a chance to, so I’m glad I still got an opportunity to see him perform in some capacity.

The only movie I watched was Enola Holmes, mostly because so many people I knew were talking about it and the ads did their job and eventually wore me down. Oh, and I love Henry Cavill. I wish he was in it more. It was cute, I don’t think it was groundbreaking in any way, although I did appreciate all the jabs at society and gender norms.

There is one thing of importance to note that I did not watch: the first episode of The Mandalorian. I want to. Very badly. But I forgot that they aren’t dropping all the episodes at once, so I couldn’t spend this weekend binge-watching it. Thus, I have decided that I am going to wait. We will see if I actually do or if I cave sometime before December. Stay tuned.

There were so many autumn/Halloween/spooky/witchy posts this month, and I was so here for it. This list could consist of just those posts and lists, but in the interest of variety, I am not going to include those. But if you wrote any posts like that, please know that I loved them.

  • Sofia from Bookish Wanderess compiled her favorite 2020 releases by Latinx authors, and her recommendations added a couple of books to my TBR that I am very excited about now.
  • Marta at The Cursed Books put together recommendations based on Taylor Swift’s Folklore, an album that I surprisingly love and lends itself really well to books, so I love seeing people’s recs based on the songs, and Marta’s look phenomenal.
  • Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books made a list of 10 underrated contemporary YA books that look absolutely amazing. I’m generally not a contemporary reader, but I definitely want to look into all of these.

I have a very minimal plan for November. My classes are going to get even crazier than they have been, so while they may pretty much be over by the end of the month, I still have finals that I need to prepare for (aka I really need to start outlining and I have not yet.) I am a little disappointed because I had Roshani Chokshi’s The Silvered Serpents available from my library and then I missed my window to claim the ebook, so now I have to wait again, and I am angry about it, even though it’s my own fault. Anyway, I would like to (finally) finish The Starless Sea, and I think it’s actually feasible this month. Beyond that, I don’t really have any plans. I’d like to try and keep up the “momentum” I have with reading (aka actually reading every once in a while), but I also don’t want to get hung up on that if I get overwhelmed with school.

I am just as shocked as you are about this blank week. Also I just realized I don’t have a quote on this spread, gonna have to fix that.

And that’s all I’ve got! Pretty unexciting month for me personally, but it is what it is (don’t worry, school and current events definitely made up for the lack of personal/reading stuff going on in my life.) But once again because I literally cannot stress this enough, if you are able to vote in the US, please please please do so if you have not already. Go in person on Tuesday or drop off your absentee/mail-in at a drop box or your local board of elections (do NOT put it in the mail at this point!)

What did you read in October? Did you get to do anything fun (but safe!) for Halloween (if that’s your speed)? Any plans for November?

Keep reading,

Black Lives Matter “Ways to Help” Carrd

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