2018 by the Numbers + Come at Me, 2019

Why is it that the day/week/month/year is always over way before I’m ready for it to be? Now, don’t get me wrong, 2018 was a bit of a sh*tstorm in so many ways, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t over in the blink of an eye. There’s some insight about aging and using the time you have and all that jazz. I won’t get into that, as I have no wisdom about it (I’m 20 for chrissake.) 


I couldn’t find a tag or anything similar to do a wrap-up for this year and wasn’t entirely sure what aspects I wanted to focus on anyways, so here’s a piecemeal summary of my 2018 by the numbers (much of it pulled from GoodReads), with a bonus look ahead into 2019. 


32,007 pages read


82 books

out of a 75 book goal.

3.7 average rating

(on Goodreads)

8 5-star reads

(on GoodReads)

1 more book

that I want to get to before the new year.





60 posts


27 reviews


I can’t say I have a lot planned out in the reading sphere for 2019. I think I’m going to actually keep my reading at 75 even though I exceeded it this year, just because I anticipate being a little busier throughout all of next year. I hate being intimidated by my reading goal, so I like to keep my expectations a bit lower.

I’m not sure what exactly 2019 has in store for me. I’ll be applying for summer internships fairly soon, which I did not expect to be doing, but decided it’s best for me.  A lot of them are actually in publishing, so we’ll see if I end up getting any of them. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but there are a couple I’m super excited about and would love to get.

At some point in the spring and summer, I’ll be taking the LSAT, which also means I need to prepare for it and take it and actually think about my future? Who does that?? That being said, I’ll have a lot going on, but I’ll do my best to be around and interacting, which I’ve kind of failed at by the end of this year, but hey, resolutions, right?

So, yeah. I don’t know what 2019 is going to look like, but I do know that I’m ready for it.

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Francesca M. Healy (1)

4 thoughts on “2018 by the Numbers + Come at Me, 2019

  1. That’s awesome that you have 1 book on left on your TBR this year. Meanwhile, I look at the nearly 700 books on my TBR knowing that will take me years to get it down to a reasonable number

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