Hello all! Welcome to Post #1! My name is Abigail, but you can just call me Gail. I decided I would start a book blog because I fell in love with bookstagram and thought I would broaden my horizons. I really wanted to have my own space that was focused more on my thoughts and words, rather than just my pictures. This is by no means replacing my bookstagram, but adding another dimension to it.

A little more about me: I’m a 19-year-old English literature, environmental studies, and music student in Ohio. When I’m not drowning in classwork, I’m trying not to drown literally, as I’m also a competitive swimmer. And on top of that, I read too much for fun (which sometimes means not enough for class). I’m trying to do more creative writing, which hasn’t been going too well, but I’m hoping this will encourage me to write more regularly, even if it isn’t fiction. I love young adult novels, especially science-fiction and fantasy. I do delve into contemporary and historical fiction, but that’s not really where my heart is.

You may be asking yourself: what can I expect from this blog? That’s a good question that I won’t attempt to answer in its entirety. I do know I will have three types of posts: Reviews, Musings, and Asides. Reviews will be book reviews, Musings will be my thoughts on various aspects of reading and writing culture, and Asides will be things like personal anecdotes, experiences, and hobbies that don’t directly relate to books. As time goes on, I may add more types of posts or venture outside of those a bit. My plan is to post about every four days, on an alternating schedule with my bookstagram posts, which also run every four days. This may not start off regularly, as I’m in the thick of my semester, but I wanted to get this off the ground now, rather than sitting on it and then never actually starting a blog.

I think that’s it for now. You can click the “Media” link if you want to see my Instagram, Good Reads, or Pinterest and give those a follow. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or drop me a line in my email or Instagram! Have a wonderful day!

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A. A.




Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Welcome to the book blogging community! It’s a very wonderful community full of kind and considerate people. Expect that TBR to grow with all the book recommendations you’ll pick up, but I always love that part of it.

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